Тим и структура

There is no hard and fast rule for the size and composition of a media self-regulatory body such as the CMEM. However, it is important that it is independent. Its make-up and size should merely reflect the anticipated workload, the domestic traditions and norms, the financial realities and have the capacity for growth in the light of changing circumstances.

The CMEM has three part-time bodies whose meetings will have to be funded, plus a CEO and secretariat, who are all full-time employees and will receive a salary. The Management and Supervisory boards will meet as required by statute (no more than three times a year).

The Complaints Commission ‘shall meet when needed’ but at least four times a year. However, it has been decided that for the foreseeable future the Complaints Commission will convene once a month to adjudicate and decide on complaints.

The secretariat, under the management of the CEO, is a lean team comprising:

•    Legal and Compliance Officer (acting as a Complaints Officer in the first instance)
•    Administration officer and translator
•    Finance Officer
•    PR and Communications Manager

The legal officer will also act as the Secretary to the Complaints Commission.

If sufficient funding is found, an additional Complaints Officer will be employed to support the Legal Officer.

Although most members of the Press Council have already been appointed, it is still worth noting for the future that the complaints commission should not be directly appointed by the management board.

Additionally, considering the financial restraints, the question arises on whether there is a need for both a supervisory and a management board.

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