Reaction of CMEM – 28.04.2017

Such developments are cruel evidence of the alarming conditions that the media are facing, and violence against them is an attack on democracy, and hence crime towards the society. If authorities fail to take serious steps in protecting the freedom of expression, they will continue to encourage those aiming to silence reporters and other critical voices in the society. Holding politicians accountable is one of the key responsibilities in journalism, and the media must not be blocked in their efforts to explore all important issues of public interest.

We remind that the state, in accordance with Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, is responsible for taking all active measures in order to create and maintain a favorable environment for freedom of expression. Such freedom and rights help to accelerate the development of an open, tolerant, society in which human rights must be respected, including the media freedom.

We also call on the media to carry out their work professionally and impartially, for a balanced reporting on events of all involved parties.

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