Rules of membership

Rules for admission of online media as members in the Council of Media Ethics

Obligatory criteria:

  1. Impressum published at the webpage (editor and editorial team), as well as contact information and address
  2. Observance of the Code of Journalists, the Charter of Ethical Reporting on the Elections and the provisions of the Statute of the Council of Media Ethics
  3. Members must be online media which regularly publish informative contents of public interest
  4. Registered as legal entities in the Republic of North Macedonia and a transparent declaration of their ownership
  5. Transparent financing, in compliance with the Law
  6. Publishing of the adjudications of the CMEM and involvement in the process of mediation
  7. A banner is placed at their website, declaring that they will observe the principles of the Code (and the process of self-regulation)
  8. The articles published should be signed by an author and if taken from other media outlets this should be clearly stated, in compliance with the Copyright Law. 

Additional recommendations:

  1. Members should have price lists for advertising published at their website or a link should be provided to a published price list by a marketing agency
  2. Members should be registered with a MK domain
  3. The paid commercial contents should be clearly marked
  4. It is desirable that the professional newsrooms have at least one editor and at least two employed persons, as well as space and technical conditions for professional performance of the work.
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