Signing of the CMEM’s Charter for ethical reporting on elections

The Charter is based on the principles of truthfulness, impartiality, balanced reporting, clear distinction between information and comments, fairness and neutrality, professional solidarity, newsroom independence, respect and tolerance, freedom and accountability.

“Most importantly about the Charter is the continuous application of its principles in everyday practice of media reporting. The resistance of the media to act in such a manner, will not represent resistance to the Charter and this initiative, but would be resistance to their interests and the interests of good journalism, thereby losing the status of a real journalist. Today, the need for journalists to be truthtellers, essence revealers and circumstances explanators is more than ever required”, said the Director of CMEM.

“I hope that your signature will not become a dead letter on paper, and that ethical principles will prevail and will not be violated, especially not while the ink of your signatures is still fresh”, said the President of the Press Complaints Commission of CMEM, Mirce Adamcevski.


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