Report by the Supervisory Board for 2016

The members of the Supervisory Board accepted the Report for the material – financial operation of the CMEM for the period mentioned, with several remarks and suggestions contained.

The Supervisory Board fully supports the engagement of the Executive Office to provide inflow of funds from foreign donors on the basis of project proposals. However, given the fact that 100% of the revenues are provided from donations, it is necessary that the CMEM develops a plan for self-sustainability, particularly through the inflow of funds based on membership fees.

If you look at the current situation with the media it seems to be a difficult achievable mission, however, given that this is a practice in the operation of self-regulatory bodies in democratic societies, it is necessary to move in that direction. Until then, one of primary purposes of the Executive office of the CMEM would be timely provision of sustainable funding through donations obtained on the basis of projects.

The manner of spending funds from foreign donations is earmarked, as determined with the projects and the donors positively assess the results of the implemented and ongoing projects. There are some opportunities for further support in order to strengthen the capacity of the body for self-regulation in the media at the stage of its initial operations and development.

The Supervisory Board also positive appreciates the fact that all payments, i.e. almost 98% are made electronically, which is an additional incentive for the membership of the Supervisory Board to positively assess the Report for financial and material operations of the CMEM.

The efforts of the Executive Office and the leadership of the CMEM in their engagement around providing funds through project applications and further establishing of the organization among the general public are positively praised. CMEM strengthened its cooperation with a number of partners, both within the country and internationally. The regular and effective cooperation with AIPCE (Alliance for Independent Press Councils of Europe) and the regional network of press councils in the Balkan region MediaNethics is particularly welcome. As result of this cooperation, CMEM receives considerable support and recommendations about its development and in the functioning of the organization. At the same time, we welcome the fact that the reports to the donors (the Dutch Embassy, UNESCO, the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency) have been positively evaluated and fully accepted and we praise the ongoing or announced support for further functioning and activities of the CMEM.

As result of the overview of the financial reports, the Supervisory Board concluded that the Executive Office managed the funds in a direction of successful functioning of the organization.

There are also no items in the last report which imply abuse of the position and competencies and there are no expenses incurred beyond the prescribed obligations.


1. There is a conclusion that in the reporting period the number of fully employed persons as part of the
Executive Office is very small and it is necessary to expand it due to the increased workload. The Supervisory
Board suggest that there is a need to locate opportunities and means for increasing the number of fully
employed persons in compliance with the workload of the Executive Office and, more specifically, with at
least two persons, one in the administrative – technical support and one for financial management of the

2. In addition to the report, financial breakdown of the material – financial work of the CMEM shall be

PDF – Report by the Supervisory Board for 2016

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