Press Release 18.02.2016

Instead of being seduced by sources of information, disturbed by holders of power or compromised by personal interests, we call upon journalism to serve the public through honest, fair and accountable coverage. Serving the public does not involve placing half-truths, consciously omitting important topics and issues and presenting false claims aiming at moral torture on individuals, groups or institutions. Biased coverage and misinformation should be excluded and errors corrected.

The Council of Media Ethics has already received fifty reactions and complaints about violations of the Charter and the Code of journalists in the media, where media – signatories of the Charter are among them.

We remind journalists and editors to respect and apply the principles of professional reporting contained in the Charter for ethical reporting, which was signed by most of the media in the country. At the same time, we declare that the process of accepting and signing the Charter is still open and we invite those media that have not joined this initiative to do so on behalf of the need for mutual engagement for creation of an independent journalism in the country.

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