Following yesterday’s interview in the information program on Sitel Television at 19:00 pm, the Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia (CMEM)  expresses serious concern about the unprofessional behavior of the editor in chief, Dragan Pavlovic – Latas, and indecent and mistreatment towards his guest, Zoran Zaev.

Using discriminatory vocabulary and misjudging and arrogant approach, as well as discrediting of the interlocutor represents striking violation of ethics in informing the public and abuse of the profession of journalist, editor and host of an interview or a program. Deplorable communication with the interlocutor, and thus the public, and encouraging stereotypes on any grounds is incompatible with this profession, having in mind that such mistakes can have lasting effect on the operation of the media and public perception.

The fundamental objective of media operation is to serve the public and raise matters of public interest through facts, views, and comments, whereas unjustified speculations and rumors should not be presented as facts. Using unverified information and speculation lead the public astray, may create confusion and uncontrollable consequences from the behavior of individuals or groups. Also, media bears the responsibility of allowing the interlocutor to express his opinion and thoughts on certain issues or posed questions.

Повикуваме на соработка од уредништвото на оваа телевизија, кое има крајна одговорност за тоа што се објавува и за придржување на стандардите на етичкото новинарство, со цел We call upon editor’s office of this television house, which has the ultimate responsibility for what’s published and for compliance with the ethical journalism standards, in order to acquire and maintain public confidence in the coverage. We appeal to the media to be aware of their professional responsibility to the audience and to prioritise the truth and verifying the information from multiple sources vis-a-vis biased coverage.

At the same time, we call on citizens and the public to react through the Press Complaints Commission of the Council of Media Ethics, if they observe instances of unethical and unprofessional conduct in media reporting.

Tomorrow (February 12) at 12:00h, the Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia – CMEM will organize an event at the EU InfoCentre in Skopje for signing of the Charter for ethical reporting on elections. Media that have accepted its content and which are committed to promote ethics and professionalism in reporting through it, will place their signatures. In addition to media representatives, the event will also be attended by representatives of the international community in the country.