The Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia (CMEM) is highly concerned about the frequent cases of abuse of certain media, especially in the context of the current political situation, to spread rumors, propaganda and false news that could intensify tensions and lead to potential unrest in the society.

It is of particular concern that some media inform the public with one-sided information that contains calls for mobilization of citizens in the service of defending interests of particular political parties.

We remind that the media should not be abused to transmit calls for uniting of individuals and groups for radical behavior and actions that threaten public order and peace in the society. We also remind the media about Article 10 of the Code of Journalists which states that "the journalist shall not encourage violence and discrimination on any basis." The media must respect the Code of Journalists, because otherwise the consequences of non-compliance with its provisions could be fatal.

Journalists have particularly important role in protecting citizens from the appearance of intolerance and distrust, and their exposure to the risk of violence.

We call for a reaction from the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services and the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the condemnation of this inflammatory speech, as well as to take the necessary measures in accordance with the legal framework.

The Council of Media Ethics continues to observe the way media inform, both of its members and those that are still not its members and calls for strict adherence to the Code of Journalists as a prerequisite for membership in our, joint, professional body for self-regulation in the media.