On 10 November, Macedonian Institute for Media and the Council of Media Ethics, in cooperation with UNESCO and the Delegation of the European Union, are organising the national conference on „Journalistic ethics and media values in challenging environment and during elections”.

The event will take place at Hotel „Holiday Inn“ (Millenium 2 hall), starting at 11:00h.

What is the essential role of journalists during elections? What is crucial for the objective and professional informing of citizens in the electoral process? What is the role of self-regulatory bodies to ensure a balanced and professional coverage? - These are just some of the questions that we discussed with Martin Huckerby, media expert and a longtime journalist and editor in some of the leading media in the UK.

Participants in the annual AIPCE meeting, Vienna, October 2015. © UNESCO On 8 and 9 October 2015, UNESCO sponsored the participation of representatives from press councils in South-East Europe to the annual meeting of the Alliance of Independent Press Councils in Europe (AIPCE), a European network of self-regulatory bodies for press and broadcast media.

"Every journalist should consider whether and how to comply with professional standards, if he is overwhelmed by censorship or self-censorship, whether journalistic freedom is subjugated by the economic non-freedom, i.e. by the dependence on wages and political preferences of the employer", Katerina Blazevska says, in the interview for the Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia.

What are the challenges in the defense of professional and ethical journalism on the Internet and what is the role of the self-regulatory mechanisms? We talked about this with Enes Osmancevic, professor at the Department of Journalism, Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo and member of the Press Council and Internet media in Bosnia and Herzegovina.