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The Macedonian Information Agency made a decision to provide free services to internet portals in the next three months, until the end of the local elections.

Dragan Antonovski, Director of MIA, informed about this initiative at today's press conference, stressing that all internet media that will respect the Code of Journalists of Macedonia and the Charter of Ethical Reporting of the Council of Media Ethics will receive free access to all MIA information for Macedonia in the course of next three months. The idea is to improve in this way professional journalistic standards.

"Today, we want to deliver a joint message and urge the media to act as pillars of public interest, to report, write and explain in compliance with the highest standards of the profession. The rules, standards and principles exist for a long time, and we all need to reiterate that the responsibility for creating such a future of professional journalism lies precisely in the hands of the media," said Marina Tuneva, Executive Director of the CEMM.

“This kind of offer is welcomed and supported”, said the President of AJM Naser Selmani, according to whom this is one of the ways to intensify self-regulation in the media and create an environment in which non-professional journalists will be isolated.