Following conclusions and recommendations derived from the discussion between participants:
  • Regulatory and self-regulatory body should cooperate, especially in the area of mutual utilisation of resources when dealing with cases of hate speech in the media;
  • Media should report on hate speech, but to highlight it as such and clearly make clear that this has to do with that kind of problem;
  • Increase the engagement of the Commission for Protection against Discrimination in identifying cases of hate speech, especially in the area of punishment;
  • Journalists or individuals who use the media to spread hate speech, should bear the appropriate responsibility, and journalists should unite in their distancing from the media space;
  • It is necessary to have coordination and harmonization between various institutions, organizations and networks in fighting against hate speech and discrimination;
  • The impact of centres of power and political influence on media operations should be diminished;
  • There is a need for professionalization of the work of journalists in the public service and in other media, i.e. focus on continuous education;
  • Self-regulation to be increasingly used as a mechanism for reaction against hate speech, insult, defamation and other phenomena of violations of Code of journalists;
  • Debate should take place whether there is a need for co-regulation in the media, or discussion about the need of introducing amendments in the legal framework;
  • Newsrooms should posses their own Code that will be respected within the newsroom, and Internet portals should agree on internal principles of conduct;
  • New Code on print, electronic and online media to be designed.

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