UNESCO welcomed the initiative taken by the CMEM to reward the positive efforts of journalists, reporting on the health crisis and related challenges. The call, open to all professional journalists and newsrooms, received a broad response, as a total of 66 stories written by 30 different authors participated in the competition.

Interview with Pieter Knapen, General Secretary and an Ombudsman of the Flemish Press Council, Belgium

Media self-regulation implies an effective link among the media, the industry and the public. The Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia (CMEM) strongly emphasizes the internal connection and capacity building of its bodies in relation to information exchange and joint planning of the strategic development. In this process, the connection and regular exchange of information are of an exceptional importance. More in the CMEM’s video “The Public – a Key Partner for Effective Self-Regulation”, prepared within the project “Achieving increased accountability and transparency through participation and inclusion”.

Interview with Daphne Koene, General Secretary of the Press Council in Netherlands

The Council of Media Ethics, at its today's press conference, announced the awards of the competition for best journalistic stories in the sphere of social and social life, focusing on the promotion of human rights and the promotion of the rights of socially vulnerable and marginalized groups.