Following the traffic accident that took place in the early morning hours in Bulgaria, the Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia appeals to the media to report responsibly, relying only on verified information and relevant sources, and avoiding any speculations regarding the cause of the accident. 

Recognizing the pressure experienced by the editors, journalists and media workers when reporting on such tragic events, we underline the necessity of differentiating between claims and facts and act with due diligence particularly in view of the fact that among the casualties there are under-age persons.

Moreover, we would like to draw your attention to Article 8 from the Code of Journalists, according to which any accident related reporting is to be freed from sensationalism. The media are to be cautious not to reveal the casualties’ names or photographs or any data that may indirectly lead to revealing the casualties’ identities prior to the official statement made by the competent institutions.

Having in mind the gravity and accident related consequences, we appeal to all media to duly adjust their media programme and report with utmost level of professional and moral responsibility.