The Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia, on the occasion of the World Day of Press Freedom, appeals for continuation of the discussion to restore and improve media accountability and public confidence in the journalistic profession. Free media are a necessary precondition for a strong democracy and they must not be unethical, unfair and undemocratic, as well as a promoter of a biased and ideological debate.

Self-regulation is a system of rules that are established by the media to protect their own business and gain more confidence among the public. The essence of the media business lies in information, i.e. through accurate, objective and complete informing of the public and all of this done while respecting ethical rules. Thus, self-regulation protects universal human rights - freedom of expression and right to information (free and professional media)

The principle of self-regulation - from idea to implementation and establishment and the first experiences of the Council of Media Ethics in Macedonia (CMEM) were presented at the public debates in these cities.

The Regional conference, organized by the Council of Europe, was held in Belgrade, from March 26th through March 27th. It was part of the Project “Promoting Freedom of Expression and Information and Freedom of the Media in South Eastern Europe.

The Office officially began working in January 2015.

The Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia is a self-regulatory body that works on promotion and protection of the professional standards and ethics in the media in the Republic of Macedonia.

The Press Complaints Commission is the advisory body of the Council that decides upon press complaints on violation of professional and ethical standards in the media.

A press complaint can be submitted by every citizen, legal entity and other representatives of the public, including journalists. The contact address is “Mitropolit Teodosij Gologanov” 54-2, Skopje or by email:

diterThe members of the Management Board and the Press Complaints Commission at the Council of Media Ethics (CMEM) took part at two workshops in July and October 2013, together with the British expert Dieter Loraine. The workshops were aimed at developing a Strategy for work of this organization.

germanski sovet za etika 1Representatives of the Management Board of the Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia and the Press Complaints Commission attended a study tour to Germany in May 2014, where they were introduced to the work of this body in Berlin.

sovet etika 1Protection of the public from unprofessional journalists and media, help to the media owners to avoid paying high fines because of unprofessional journalistic staff is the objective of the Council’s work.