DIZAJNIRANO ISTRAZUVANJE Page 01The project “Promoting Inclusiveness and Respecting Human Rights in the Media in North Macedonia” places a strong focus on raising the awareness and improving the knowledge and skills with respect to the need of dealing with discrimination, disinformation and hate speech in the media. More than 120 representatives from the media, civil society organizations, state institutions, and citizens took part in the four debates and two trainings organized as part of the project. They discussed the relevance of self-regulation and inclusion in the media sphere and the approaches they could use in providing support in the fight against discrimination together. At the trainings, they learned about the approaches for recognizing discriminatory and hate speech in the media, as well as for building strategies for effective action against such practices. The project also assisted in issuing the publication “Hate speech, international and national legal framework, with a special focus on the media”, which represents an analysis of the policies for protection and prevention against discrimination and regulation of the media sphere.

This publication summarizes the implemented activities and contains the main conclusions and recommendations resulting from the project “Promoting Inclusiveness and Respect for Human Rights in the Media in North Macedonia”, which was implemented by the Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia in the period 01.07.2020 - 28.02.2021, with the support of the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.