Guidelines for safe and professional reporting on coronavirus COVID 19 Page 01
Social networks, as useful as they are, are a complex space for management by the media. They face numerous challenges there. Their information is published on platforms operated by other content creators, who often spread false narratives, misinformation, hate speech, etc. For this and other issues, you can find more in the CMEM’s analysis "Journalism, Social Networks and Self-Regulation: Opportunities and Challenges".  

Guidelines for safe and professional reporting on coronavirus COVID 19 Page 01Guidelines for professional, responsible and ethical reporting on coronavirus are prepared as part of efforts to foster the important role of the media in proper understanding of the occurrence of coronavirus, its consequences and manners for effective prevention.
The guidelines are based on the recommendations of international organizations such as Poynter, First Draft, Journalist’s Resource, Open Notebook, Reframe, World Health Organization (WHO), experienced journalists, scientists and experts.

Guidelines on inclusive media reporting during Covid 19 Page 01

The guidelines are primarily intended for journalists, activists, media management, journalism students and educators, but also for all those working in addressing the needs of vulnerable and marginalized individuals and groups. 
The guidelines are divided into ten sections which include recommendations for journalists on how to ensure inclusiveness in reporting, including in terms of sources of information, subjects of stories, topics. 

Press council analysis Page 01Sensationalist media coverage, inadequate protection of privacy and personal data and difficult access to information are among the most frequently reported problems to the press councils in the region of Balkans and Europe during the pandemic. This is one of the main findings of the research conducted by the Council of Media Ethics of of Macedonia (CMEM), in the period July-September, which analyzed the experiences of media self-regulatory bodies - members or associate members of the Alliance of Independent Press Councils in Europe (AIPCE).

Protection of the Ethical Principles in the Media Reporting through the Work of the Press Complaints Commission

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