fullThe media and the civil society sector are key actors in the processes of preventing and dealing with phenomena such as discrimination, disinformation and hate speech, which in the past year were on the rise in the public sphere in North Macedonia. The media is one of the actors with great responsibility in terms of protecting the audience from discrimination and hate speech, as well as in intercepting disinformation that leads to the creation of these phenomena.

The fruitful discussion and diverse debate made a genuine cross-section and presented the manner in which vulnerable categories are depicted in the Macedonian society, and the challenges they face in getting to their well deserved place. All human beings are equal, and they do not need to constantly prove that.

This in short, with just a few words, can be the summary of the workshop entitled "Against Stereotypes and Discrimination with Inclusive Media Reporting", organized by the Council for Media Ethics in Macedonia - CMEM, where several relevant experts on the status of vulnerable categories spoke primarily about the manner in which they are presented to the public by the media and the way the public in general perceives them, through the prism of media reporting.

"Cross-sectoral cooperation of the Council for Media Ethics with all important stakeholders in addressing the problem of hate speech and discrimination is essential in its eradication", said CMEM Executive Director Marina Tuneva at the debate "Connecting the self-regulatory body, the media broadcasting regulator and the Ombudsman in the protection of human rights and addressing hate speech in the media" held on 30 November 2020.

“Hate speech is not something new, but the fight against it does not stop. In the past years, a number of research and analyzes have been conducted regarding hate speech and the situation is clearly stated. Weaknesses of the system and the law enforcement bodies and institutions are pointed out", Mirce Adamcevski, President of the Press Complaints Commission at CEMM highlighted at the debate focused on hate speech and discriminatory practices in media reporting.

Representatives from the professional media and news organizations in the country, communication students, representatives from the civil sector and journalists attended the debate that took place on August 27th 2020.