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1. Катерина Синадиновска, Капитал – Претседател на УО
2. Младен Чадиковски, ТВ 24 – Потпретседател на УО
3. Маја Јовановска, Истражувачка репортерска лабораторија
4. Семи Мехмети, Алмакос 
5. Меваип Абдиу, ТВ Коха
6. Анета Андонова, МТВ 
7. Фатљуме Дервиши, ТВ Алсат - М

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1. Александра Митевска, Независен.мк
2. Горан Трпеновски, СДК.мк
3. Петре Димитров, Е-магазин
4. Горан Гаврилов, Канал 77
5. Амир Кадриу, Радио Вати

nastan 05 12 2017

„Јавноста постојано реагира на случаите на непрофесионално известување. И тоа е добро. Тоа значи дека граѓаните се’ повеќе ги препознаваат матриците на пропагандно и мисионерско известување. Досега до СЕММ се пријавени над 220 случаи не неетичко информирање“, рече извршната директорка на Советот Марина Тунева, на денешната дебата во Тетово.

The Council of Media Ethics, at its today's press conference, announced the awards of the competition for best journalistic stories in the sphere of social and social life, focusing on the promotion of human rights and the promotion of the rights of socially vulnerable and marginalized groups.

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The Macedonian Information Agency made a decision to provide free services to internet portals in the next three months, until the end of the local elections.

Anticipating of the upcoming media sector reforms arising from the Przhino’s Agreement, a group of media organizations submitted to the Government a Request for implementation of systemic media reforms that emphasized the priority issues that require urgent legislative changes and practical measures to be implemented by the competent institutions.

The Council of Media Ethics has a noble role to constantly remind media and journalists of professional ethics. It is about principles that are not only protecting the profession and its members, but also the democracy and its wider influence, said the Head of the EU Delegation Samuel Žbogar at today's conference of CMEM, held at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Skopje.

The Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia (CMEM) is organizing its regular annual Assembly, on 30 March (Thursday), starting at 10:00h, at the Hotel Grand Plaza, Skopje.

The Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia (CMEM) condemns yesterday's physical attack on the journalist of TV 24, Christian Banevski.

The experiences and perspectives of the Council on Media Ethics of Macedonia (CMEM) was the main topic of the debate held on February 2, in Skopje.

CMEM's Complaints Commission made 76 decisions for violation of professional journalistic standards. The overview is presented in the following link.

"This is an opportunity to discuss the past experiences of the Council of Media Ethics with the media management, and to get acquainted with the experiences of other councils," Marina Tuneva, the executive director of CMEM, said at the beginning of the meeting, held on 17 October in Skopje.