Anita Dimitrijevska
  Anita Dimitrijevska is a graduated journalist at the University St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje.  She is currently working on her MA thesis at the Faculty of Law at this University. Dimitrijevska worked as an editor, journalist in the period 2002 – 2009 for the magazine “Bla Bla”. She worked as a journalist in the daily newspapers “Vreme” and “Spic”. Dimitrijevska has been working for the Macedonian Radio Television as a journalist in the national affairs department.

Elida Zilbeari


Elida Zilbeari graduated in the area of communication sciences. She currently works on her MA thesis in Diplomacy at the South East European University in Skopje. Zilbeari works for the Metamorphosis Foundation as a Project Coordinator of activities related to freedom of speech and media strengthening. Since February 2012 she has been working as an Editor in Chief of the web portal She is also an Editor in Chief of the Albanian version of the Project “Media Fact Checking Service” -


Isuf Kadriu

  Isuf Kadriu graduated journalism in Tirana, Albania in 1996, where he began his journalistic career in the current affairs programme of the national radio television. He started working for the Macedonian Radio Television in 1998, as a reporter and an editor of the programme in Albanian language. Since 2008 he works for the TV station Alsat – M, as an Editor of the Current Affairs Programme. Kadriu also works as a correspondent for Radio Free Europe in Skopje.

Shkelzen Akifi
  Shkelzen Akifi works for the TV station Alsat M since 2006, currently as an Editor. He is a graduated journalist at the South East European University in Tetovo. He worked previously as a journalist for the local TV station “Festa” Kumanovo and as a correspondent for the dailies “Fakti”, “Epoka e Re” and “Bota Sot” in Kosovo. He took part at many workshops and conferences in the area of journalism. Akifi also took part in the PDY programme in Columbia, Missouri.

Katerina Sinadinovska


Serjoza Nedelkoski


Dragan Antonovski


Goran Momiroski

Goran Momiroski is a journalist since 1994, working for MSB Radio Ohrid, TV M Ohrid (first local TV station in Macedonia), Super Radio Ohrid, correspondent of the news agency “Makfaks”, the daily “Utrinski Vesnik” and “Nova Makedonija” from Ohrid. He is also a correspondent for the TV station Telma since 2003. Momiroski is a founder and an Editor in Chief of the Internet portal (first informative Internet portal in Macedonia - 2006, owner of the St. Clement Charter in 2008  and the Award for Civil Society Development in Macedonia in 2009. Mormoski is a Production Manager and Coordinator of several projects in the area of culture and entertainment. He is also a President of the Regional Office of the Association of Journalists of Macedonia in Ohrid and Struga.

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